Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's all a little hazy, but I made it through the interview and the surgery!

I made it through the interview and the surgery. Don't know how well the interview went. Hard to tell when you are walking around in a fog of pain killers. At least I didn't start drooling on any one's desk or pass out in the lobby while awaiting my professional inquisition. I think I would have heard about it by now. So, I'll just sit and cross my finger on that one.

I had high hopes for the surgery though. I though I would get pictures with the doctors, have a narrative play-by-play going on twitter, maybe a before and after shot. Yeah, these ridiculous "only a blogger would think of" hopes were all dashed 30 minutes into the sedative they gave me before the surgery. It was supposed  to "calm my nerves", but I couldn't even remember how to walk, much less tweet. When someone asked me a question, I felt like I was the featured character in Alice in Wonderland while being very, very small.

I don't remember much of the beginning or the end of the surgery other than a lot of equipment all around me while sitting in a big leather chair al a "Aliens" with mechanical arms and tubes hanging down. I do remember being escorted to the bathroom immediately afterwards while two ladies stood next to me making sure I didn't fall in. Usually this would be cause for a complete and utter pee freeze up, but didn't seem to bother me in my state of anesthesia after glow.

The wheel chair ride to cafeteria to get a Coke was fun. Although the nurse was a little irritated that I didn't follow directions and bring one with me (something about elevating blood sugar after fasting all day) and had NO idea whether I had a dollar in my handbag, much less if I even had a handbag. The staff was so very accommodating from begging to end. I think If I ever have to be sedated again for a minor surgery this is where I would want to go!

Today, things are a little blurry and its still hard to walk or even stand up for long periods of time.  My arms and legs are not yet sinked up with what my brain is telling them to do. And speaking of brain, I keep forgetting things . The hubs thinks its funny that I keep asking him the same things over and over.

I'm so happy the pain that I have endured over the past 5 days has now subsided and I don't have to keep looking at the clock hoping enough time has passed to take the next jaw throbbing, pain numbing little pill.

And ss long as the worst thing that happens today is that I put the milk in the cupboard and the olive oil in the refridgerator, then I think we can call it a win.

Good thing the hubs is here to remind me to feed the baby.  :)


  1. Congratulations on making it through. And on making anestheia actually sound kind of like a retreat!

  2. So... when are we going to be able to see the interview???

  3. The Coke story cracked me up. I'm always the one without a $1 cash to my name. Glad everything went well!


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